Friday, August 14, 2009

A journey from Army to Corporate Sector

I was reading an article in a newspaper. This was different from the usual ones, - no politics, no crime news, no page 3, no sports... This was purely an article on ISB - however again not to do with the placements. one was about the army and navy personnel having worked for 10-15 years, joining ISB. Most of them seem to have a solid experience of 10-15 years and have quit as Major or Lieutenent Colonel. A new innings for the Army men and women. Though the two areas, - army and corporate sector are like two different branches, they have common roots. Leading the army troops, commanding fleets of vehicles and soldiers would have given ample opportunities to showcase their leadership qualities which is the basic necessity of a MBA. If it is all about winning in army, here it is maximizing profits. At the end of the day, both of them boil down to leading and winning in their fields.

A great example for career changers :)

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